Моето изкуство


"Колко ли струва човешкият свят на мечтите?
Въздушни кули - и евтини, и недостижими.
Докосвам ги с върха на пръстите си.. и те рушат се,
градени цял живот,
а само миг - умират!"

16 септември, 2009

Red roses never fade...

My roses still smell of your skin..
The fingers that touched them make them grow wild.
Red roses never fade… However, a girl’s heart does.
The autumn came with its frowning face
Making my music stopped, making my lyrics drop
Line by line,
Shadow by shadow
During all the hours that I spend on that window
Whispering words to the black, cold night
Touching stars with my little hands
And praying to God that you also look at the stars
At that moment
And think of me too…

My skin still smells of the roses that you give me.
However, the roses fade…
As well as my heart.

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