Моето изкуство


"Колко ли струва човешкият свят на мечтите?
Въздушни кули - и евтини, и недостижими.
Докосвам ги с върха на пръстите си.. и те рушат се,
градени цял живот,
а само миг - умират!"

09 февруари, 2009

Fallen angel

You thought you could control me
and my life could spin around you
But you don't know anything about love
and things that you can destroy...

But now I found out your love was a lie
and my heart just broke up at once
and suddenly I realized
there's no place for you anymore...

I know it hurts so much
But I should let you go..
and never ask about you
and never look at you
'cause when the sun arises in the morning
you'll be a fallen angel
and nothing could make my heart fly again.

'Cause you're my fallen angel now
like Lucifer you turn to devil...
'Cause you're my broken heart now...
And nothing can bring me back...

Cause you're my fallen angel...
'Cause you're my broken heart...
And I would never be the same...

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